Emergency Lights

Emergency LightyWelcome to Emergency Lights on WordPress.com!

We’re here to help you find the best emergency lights at the best prices.

Not all emergency lights are made equally and depending on what you’re doing, where you’re located and other variables, you will require different ones.

To make sure you’re getting the the right equipment at the best prices, we’ve put together this free resource.

Why are Proper Emergency Lights Important?

In short, safety and codes…

Not only are emergency lights required by code everywhere, they are necessary for a safe working environment.  If a building is used for any kind of commercial purpose (offices, retail, warehouse, industrial, etc.) then OSHA mandates that paths to the exits are lit up.

In case the power goes out in the main building, emergency lights have to be self powered and turn on automatically.  It also has to stay on for at least ninty minutes.  This makes sure your workers and customers can safely find their way out in case of an emergency.

How is an Emergency Light Made?

When we’re talking about lighting that fits code requirements, we’re usually describing a setup where one to three lights are attached to a central circuit controller and battery.
These are all combined in a single unit, so the internal parts aren’t affected by conditions going on around them (fire, explosions, debris etc).

The internal circuitry is connected to the building’s standard power, so it can operate off that without depleting the battery life.  If power is lost or disrupted then the battery backup kicks in.  When power comes back, the battery gets recharged so it never has to be replaced for lack of power.

Different Types of Emergency Lights

There is a wide variety of lighting available for your emergency needs.  What light you need will depend on a wide range of variables.  Here are the most common:

  • Basic Emergency Lights
  • Steel Emergency Lights
  • Industrial Emergency Lights
  • Hazardous Location Emergency Lights
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